Marcus A. Gordon
Visual Artist and Researcher


Habitat 44º

MFA Thesis: An architectural model of a pavilion is fabricated, recorded in holographic space, and positioned with its virtual self, playing on a duality of what is physical and what is virtual.

Thesis - Habitat 44º web site


“I want to see more creations that intuitively occupy space but are driven by digital thinking. Holomentis is an example of this process, but what makes Holomentis unique, is it’s fusion of an acrylic sculpture with a digital hologram. Holomentis doesn’t require a digital technology tool for interaction, simply move around the Holomentis sculpture and experience its dimensionality.”

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As a fauxlography experiment, Ruby is a kinetic light installation using a red 640nm 5mW laser.

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The Butterfly Effect from Marcus A. Gordon on Vimeo.

PHASE Lab Graphics

Posters, wallpapers, and brand identity created with Processing for university’s holography and haptics lab. Visit Site

Canadian Holographics

Web site for Canadian Holographics


Web site for Toronto indie film, Bluebird

Stages of Sleep

Digital chromogenic prints of brain imaging. Graphics created with the Artful Player imaging software and post processed with Adobe Photoshop CC. Visit Site