Marcus is a visual artist, designer and researcher, with interests grounded in holography, digital architecture and 3D visualization. His current MFA thesis research is focused on exploring environmental holography and its integration with architectural space. Curious about the foundations and futures of spatial imaging, Marcus’ work contextualizes holography as an expressive medium that can contribute to the criticality of art in architecture.


Selected works in holography, UX design, creative coding, photography, and motion graphics.

Habitat 44º

MFA Thesis: An architectural model of a pavilion is fabricated, recorded in holographic space, and positioned with its virtual self, playing on a duality of what is physical and what is virtual. See site. See thesis.

The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect from Marcus A. Gordon on Vimeo.

PHASE Lab Graphics

Posters, wallpapers, and brand identity created with Processing for university's holography and haptics lab. Visit site.

Canadian Holographics

Website for Canadian Holographics.


Website for Bluebird, indie movie by Replay Entertainment. Front end development using Pure CSS and GSAP. Movie info.

Stages of Sleep

Digital chromogenic prints of brain imaging. Graphics created with the Artful Player imaging software and post processed with Adobe Photoshop CC. Visit site.


VIZLAND (The Visualization Landscape)

Keywords: data visualization, mind mapping, scalar vector graphics, data driven documents, branching, markdown, semantic web, comparative methodology.

Prototype Preview

Gordon, Marcus A. (2017) Habitat 44º - The Art of Reconstruction. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Keywords: Holography, architecture, physical, virtual, space, abstraction, quasi-architecture, reconstruction, transparent material, models, transplane, pavilion, digital architecture, constructivist, environmental art, transmission hologram, augmented reality, wave optics, material energy, virtual optics.

MFA Research

Skelton, C., Juneja, M. K., Dunne, C., Bowes, J., Szigeti, S., Zheng, M., Gordon, M., & Diamond, S. (2017, June). Analyzing Student Travel Patterns With Augmented Data Visualizations. In Proceedings of the 2016 ACM Conference Companion Publication on Designing Interactive Systems (pp. 172-176). ACM.

Keywords: Data visualization; urban systems; transportation; information interfaces.

Published Research

Stein, Suzanne, Alison Bruce, Michael Carnevale, Smriti Shakdher, Adam Owen, Alex Rice-Khouri, Andrew Hicks et al. "Creative techniques handbook 2015 Digital Futures OCAD University." (2016).

Published Research